The resistance is brewing in Episode 3 of Dark Matter

We’re back with another episode of Dark Matter Season 3 and there are some big changes afoot. Adrian also has a bodyguard named Solara and she’s great. So, let’s jump into the fray with Episode 3: “Welcome to the Revolution.”

We’re taking a bit of a break from the intense drama of premiere night to get back to some good old-fashioned misadventures with just a dash of revolution and rebellion. Hello, Raza crew members! You see, Tabor has run off now that corporate war has broken out and Adrian is seizing the opportunity to take over his employer’s business. The Raza crew have been called to a munitions factory on a colony belonging to the Tralgot corporation by … some dude named Adrian? He’s here trying to convince the workers to declare their independence so he can get a cut of their income once they unionize. After shooting a nuclear missile out of the sky above the colony, the Raza crew arrive to discover that the person they thought was their always lovely handler Tabor is, in fact, his former apprentice Adrian.