Captain Picard Day: The 7 most strangely heroic Picard moments

While there is no doubt that only a resolve of steel can overcome a computerized consciousness taking over your flesh, that same innate bravery is what drives Picard to face an alien monstrosity with no face, barely cringe when he ends up with the woman who has been relentlessly stalking him on his lap and get out of Sherwood Forest with his head still on. However, what is often overlooked among these legendary, almost mythic trials he endured is that Picard’s heroism often reveals itself in some of the strangest and most awkward situations he’s ever encountered. Accelerate your warp drive and journey through seven of Captain Picard’s most heroic moments that emerged from some particularly peculiar circumstances Everyone back on Earth knows about that time he was hung up naked by the wrists and gaslighted within an inch of his sanity. Or his illustrious speech about android civil rights. If you were to sneak into Jean-Luc Picard’s captain’s log while he was out of his quarters, you would probably find plenty of entries with incidents that would qualify as heroic. Or when his humanity survived being stripped away in pieces and nearly being assimilated by the Borg.