The Doctor and gang battle alien light eating dragons and find the Roman 9th Legion on the latest episode of Doctor Who

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Nardole find the local “painted barbarians” who’ve been battling the soldiers while trying to figure out what to do about the beast they unleashed. When it comes to Doctor Who, I’ve enjoyed all of the Doctors to some extent, some more than others. I’m a fan and have been since the Tom Baker days. it’s a TV Recap. The Short Version: The Doctor, Bill and Nardole go off on an expedition to find out what happened to the lost Roman Ninth Legion in Scotland in the second century. Then came Bill in his third season and suddenly the 12th Doctor lightened up and I started to like him. But “The Eaters of Light” had one enormous problem with it that was so maddening that I had to switch things up. Normally I’d start my recap with The Good and the positive things, because I really do like Doctor Who most of the time. But for the first two years Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was often condescending, cranky and not very nice. Believing the creature is the “eater of light,” the Doctor soon discovers just how right they are about what the beast is capable of and what it might do to the Earth, the Sun and the stars if it’s not stopped. Bill splits up from the Doctor, and Nardole and falls in with a handful of Roman deserters who are hiding out from a “beast” that killed most of the Ninth Legion. Spoilers ahead for “The Eaters of Light,” because hey … “The Eaters of Light” was written by Rona Munro and directed by Charles Palmer. The Bad: Doctor cranky pants returns!